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Beach Fales

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Aganoa Beach Retreat

A great surfing spot for surfers. In fact, this place is very popular with surfers. The property caters for surf fanatics and holiday makers alike.
Rates from $204 Samoan Tala

Anita's Beach Bungalows

Anita's Beach Bungalows is an intimate place where you can relax and soak in the sun and beauty of Lalomanu beach.

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Jane's Beach Fales

A mixture of white sandy beaches and low maintenance grass shaded by the swaying coconut trees is a classic feature of this 7 year old establishment. The fales are half opened and half closed and the location allows the occupants a glimpse of sunset with breaking waves and cool southerly winds.
Rates from $80 Samoan Tala

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Lauiula Beach Fales

Lauiula Beach Fales is located on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Lano, Savaii. The exquisite beach coupled with the crystal clean lagoon is among the best areas for swimming and snorkeling for day trips. Moreover, this area is also regarded as one of the best spots in Samoa for “kite surfing’.

Moegaamanaia Beach Fales

Welcome to Moegaamanaia Beach Fales, Come find out why many courting groups of the past visited this beautiful amazing place. Discover if it was Love or Courage. Surely you'll be writing new chapters in journey of life from this experience. We Welcome You Home, Choose to stay in one of our 10 beachfront Fales or a room from our 6 Garden Rooms. Relax and Recapture your journey while you dine at our Recreation Facilities. You are most welcome here.

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Satuiatua Beach Fales

Located in the South Western coast of Savaii is Satuiatua Beach Fales. From beach fales to en-suite units built on a stretch of white sand under the shades of the cooling banyan trees, this family oriented establishment will ensure they make you feel right at home.

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Sina PJ Beach Fales

Sina PJ Beach Fales was affected by the tsunami in 2009 and was reopened in September 2010 with a total of eight fales that can accommodate up to three people each. Sina PJ Beach Fale is named after the children of Netina and Malae, the owners. It is approximately 500 meters from the main road at Tafitoala Safata and the inland road to Sina PJ is tar sealed.The location of this property is ideal for surfing as it is immediately across one of the best surf breaks on this part of the island.
Rates from $80 Samoan Tala

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Tailua Beach Fales

Tailua’s Beach Fales is a lodging facility in Manase, Savaii; Designed to provide guests with luxurious surroundings at reasonable rates while vacationing in the coasts of Manase. Creating a climate of traditional homes, where guests become temporary members of a larger family. Opens itself to guests, allowing them to participate and share in the richness of the community, while still allowing whatever degree of privacy is preferred.
Rates from $70 Samoan Tala

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Vaiula Beach Fales

Vaiula Beach Fales is situated on absolute beach front in the village of Tafatafa on the south coast of the island of Upolu. Dave, Nugg and family are happy to welcome you to an unforgettable traditional Samoan experience. With three boats on the property along with unbelievable fishing, 8 world class surf spots are near and offer the experience surfer a great base for the next tropical surf holiday.

Falealupo Beach Fales

Falealupo Beach Fales is located on the coastline of Falealupo - tai Village and only a few minutes drive to the sunset point, the most western point of Samoa and the last place to experience the sunset each day in the world.

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Manusina Beach Fales

Talofa and Welcome!!
Manusina Beach Fales is one of the Finest sandy beaches in Samoa. With about 45 minutes drive from Apia you are destined to discover true island experience. 
Rates from $80 Samoan Tala

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Namu`a Island Beach Fales

Namu'a Island Beach Fales is the perfect getaway for those looking for a peaceful and private location.
Rates from $120 Samoan Tala

Regina's Beach Fales

Along the beautiful and white sandy beaches of Manase, Savaii is the Regina Beach Fales. Open Fales situated along the picturesque beach facing the warm, crystal waters of the South Pacific Ocean coupled with lush green mountains at the background. The Regina’s is among the most affordable beach fales accommodation with top services in Samoa. It is right next door to Vacations Beach Fales and can access nearby shops.

Tanu Beach Fales

This family-run business, famous for its Samoan flair, is just the place to enjoy the simple pleasures of life - not to mention the fact that it is located on one of Savaii's most pristine beaches. Most of the 30 traditional fales are located right on the beach, a stone's throw from the lagoon's edge and have pull-down blinds for added privacy.

Taufua Beach Fales

Taufua Beach Fales is located on world famous Lalomanu beach, regularly voted in the top 5 "Best Beaches" in the Pacific. The beach consists of about one mile of shining sand, the blue lagoon, shining coral, some only a few feet from the shore, blue starfish and an endless variety of small and bigger fish - paradise for swimmers and snorklers. A very special place for surfers too.

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Vacations Beach Fales

Vacations Beach Fales is a family owned business located in the village of Manase in Savaii. This beautiful property is nestled on Savaii’s north shore, home of the most popular beaches on the Big Island. Vacations offers six Beachfront Fales which are screened from the ocean by palm trees giving them privacy from passers-by. Four Garden Fales are set in a courtyard setting, only steps from the beach.
Rates from $70 Samoan Tala